Gamal Prather

Gamal Prather hails from suburban Cincinnati and spent his early working years in southern Connecticut and New York City. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he enjoys hosting dinner parties, baking healthy desserts from scratch, and exploring the city’s geography, history, and architecture. Gamal’s fascination with product design began at age 10 after his family decided to replace their television. His mother suggested that they convert the old television’s exterior wooden cabinet into a shelf unit for the family’s electronics. From the moment Gamal removed the last screw from the back of the cabinet to revealing the inner workings, he was hooked. Gamal later earned an MFA in Industrial Design after studying mechanical engineering and graduating Summa Cum Laude. So far, Gamal has collaborated with companies in the sport, lifestyle, food + beverage, and retail industries to create brands and products that encapsulate and express each brand’s uniqueness. He specializes in learning on the fly, strategic planning, visualizing ideas, creating Class A Manufacturing data sets, and being generally indispensable. Gamal’s vision is to carry on his parents legacy as educators by applying design to improve education worldwide.

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