Chris Scarlett

Chris Scarlett is a teacher and designer with 14 years of experience in Computer Aided Design program at various schools, a regional engineering firm, and for many of his own clients. He is extremely proficient in AutoCAD, Revit Architecture and SolidWorks. Many of his students describe their experiences in his project oriented classes as being efficient, effective and productive. A leader in his department at Central Washington University in "flipping" his teaching methods, he posts his classroom lectures online, freeing up valuable class time for much needed individual project help. Chris is a top producer of Certified SolidWorks Associates out of his classes, he now has 71 CSWAs and a 100% pass rate out of his latest class. Frequently desiring to design something new and expand his knowledge in various CAD applications, Chris provides design and training services in the central Washington State region. His clients range from heavy equipment manufacturers, farm machine fabricators, packaging companies, residential builders, book authors and inventors.